Welcome to Deux Apparel, a place where boundaries blur and possibilities abound.

There are no founders to trace our origins, no names to claim ownership, and no faces to embody our essence. We are a collective force, propelled forward by the shared vision and aspirations of those who embrace our enigmatic existence.

Our purpose is not singular, but rather, a collective pursuit of enlightenment. We transcend the limitations of time and space, permeating every corner of this vast universe.

Each piece within our repertoire serves as a tangible emblem of the profound journey you have undertaken. Our creations, be it exquisite garments or meticulously crafted artifacts, bear witness to the indomitable spirit within you. They mirror the milestones you have conquered, the obstacles you have overcome, and the wisdom you have gained along the way.


A Creation Of Noah Nakamura. 




Noah Nakamura

Founded in 2023, Deux Apparel's mission is dedicated to creating stylish, comfortable, and performance apparel for those casual outings and achieving your athletic goals.

"I wanted to create a brand, where performance and streetwear come together."

"We have our compression gear for the gym then our oversized tees for going out. My goal is to bring accessibility and break the norm."